Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Here and There

Well, as usual, my plan to update more regularly didn't work out, but I do have pictures! so here's a little more catching up.

DH and I took a quick trip to Palm Desert for a little sun.  That worked for the first few days, until he left.  Then I stayed on in that January storm that flooded most of the southwest.  Oh well, I had movies and I had knitting.  What else do you need except maybe a little chocolate?

The roadrunner came to visit.

We picked lots of ripe grapefruit and lemons.  The lemonade was great, and I may have made myself a lemon meringue pie (okay, it was half a pie and I did eat it all myself.)

The first knitted objects of 2010 were completed and loved posing with the lemons.

These are Maine Morning Mitts made out of the first wheel-spun yarn that I made.  I love them.  They're a little longer than the pattern calls for and that makes for warm wrists.

Collegeboy called and asked for a scarf (!) so Mom sprang into action.  This time I managed to find the yarn store and got him the requested blue tweed yarn.    This was a wool handspun that was really soft.  I just did a 1x1 rib and finished with no trouble.

I also had an idea for a scarf for the Princess, so I brought along the Running Rebel-colored yarn that I had purchased for this project.  The scarf was also ribbed, but I made the first and last 25% striped and the middle black.  I used Louet Gems sportweight doubled for this.

In the middle of all this knitting, the weather changed.  The view out of the bedroom looked like this:

The grassy lawn behind the pool looked like this:

The scenery looked like this:

It was not how it was supposed to be!  Of course, the sun returned on the day I had to leave, bringing scenery that also is unusual.  These mountains are usually brown.  The new snow on them was beautiful to behold.

Tomorrow we're off to Vegas to visit the Princess.  It's supposed to be cloudy/rainy there, too.  Maybe we should just stay home.....I see a little bit of sun right now here in Seattle.

Catch you next time!

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