Saturday, February 20, 2010


My little socks and hat have been done for some time, and mailed off to their little recipient.  He and his mom, however, are out of town so they won't actually be tried on by the baby yet.  I think they came out pretty well and Blueberry liked them, too.

In other knitting news, I made two pairs of mittens for the current campaign for afghans for Afghans and have them packaged up with two pairs of wool socks for mailing today. I sent pairs of socks that I don't wear for various reasons and they should fit a young teenager just fine.

For Ravelympics this year, after agonizing (it's so important, you know!) I decided to work on my sock yarn blankie and see how many new squares I could finish during the two weeks.  I started out strong, but only knit on it at night during the horrible prime time NBC coverage, so haven't completed as many as I hoped, but will continue.  I do love seeing all the colors come together.  Here's a sample of some of them.

Happy Saturday everyone!  I'm off to a yoga workshop then hopefully will have a couple of hours to enjoy the sunshine before returning for the afternoon session.


Scott said...

I assume you made the bear wear the hat because your typical models (buddy and DH) were too big for it? Looks awesome though! Love you moo

Scott said...

ps: I wore that black and white scarf you knitted me a couple years ago and everyone was giving me non-stop compliments!