Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year's Knitting Resolution

Documentation of finished objects. Seems simple, right? Finish a project, take a picture. Save the picture to look at forever and ever.

My routine is: finish a project, send it to recipient, charity, etc. Forget to take a picture. Never see it again. Forget exactly what I've made.

2008 routine: Make a folder for 2008 Knitting. Save on my computer and also on Flickr. How many things can I make in one year? We'll see....... Here's something to look at while pondering.
Zen String Bambewe in "Moonshadow". December sock club yarn. Can't wait to use it.

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CathyCate said...

I am so with you! I'm getting better at taking pictures, I admit, but not necessarily doing anything with them.
And the other thing I need to do? WRITE DOWN what I did! Needle size, yarn (well, I usually remember the yarn -- usually), # stitches etc. In case I ever want to make it the same -- or when people ask me what I did!