Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jumping on the Kauni Bandwagon

2008 is going to be a year of new experiences, knitting-wise. You've probably seen or heard of the beautiful Kauni cardigan, publicized by the Yarn Harlot, among others. I saw that sweater and thought it was just beautiful, but possible for me to do? Probably not. (Aside: I just went back and read some of the Harlot's trials and tribulations with this pattern, and now I'm REALLY concerned about my foolish decision to try it. Oh well, on with the story.) My LYS got the yarn in stock, and since I like to get the things that are not readily available (examples: yarn from Sheri's Sneak-ups, inaugural session of the Yarn Pirate Booty Club) whether I need them or not, I visited the shop immediately and purchased the Kauni in the Rainbow colorway. It comes with a free pattern. The pattern includes all sorts of fun things to do like two-color patterning, sweater knitting in the round, and the best thing - steeks. I haven't done much, if any, of these things, so I asked if there would be a class on Kauni.

Yes! A teacher was obtained, and dates were set. In the meantime, no one signed up, and I proceeded to finish a basic sweater (my second 2008 FO), start a baby blanket for afghans for Afghans, start the Flower Basket Shawl out of my luscious Alpaca with a Twist, and join a Peace Fleece cardigan Knitalong that began January 1. (I think I see a pattern here of joining/starting/signing up for too much stuff.)

Anyway, the Kauni Klub (cute name, huh?) now looks like it will be a go, and it starts next Thursday. Whoa! I wound up my yarn into balls to see how the colors progress, and found that one ball has a color progression in one order for awhile, then it goes backwards for awhile. I don't know what's up with that, since I assumed a constant progression would be there. Luckily, the teacher will talk about color matching, swatching, and two-color ribbing at the first session, so I don't have to get started by myself. I'm really looking forward to this project; just have to push some other stuff out of the way (or maybe finish?)

Second finished object of 2008 is this cardigan I made out of Rowan Plaid that I've had for a long time. I used a free pattern from Berroco, called Gretta. The yarn is great to knit with, and it turned out to be a nice sweater for wearing around the house when it's cold. I think the neckline is a little floppy and I could take it out and make the neckband shorter to see if it would firm up, but it's okay for what I plan to use it for. At least I can wear it - except for a tank top, the other garments I've attempted to make for myself haven't exactly worked out. Progress!

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