Sunday, October 7, 2007

Finished at last!

Mystery Stole 3 is currently blocking. It's been a long process, but I've learned so much from participating. No, it's not perfect, no it doesn't have any beads (I'll tackle that next time) but I think it looks pretty darn good for a first major lace project. When I announced my intention of finishing it today, my DD said "Are you still working on that? You've been doing it since, like, July." Yes I have, and yes I'm proud of myself for finishing it in October.


CathyCate said...

It looks gorgeous! Mine is still languishing; I decided to shorten it, then when I saw the 'wing' clue, decided to 'unshorten' which required a lot of reknitting; and then I was way behind and got sidetracked into other projects. I expect for me, it will be after Christmas now; I just have too many projects in my head needing to be knit for other people.

Yours makes me want to get mine done,though!

Sarah-Hope said...

Congratulations! That's beautiful work (and remarkable self-discipline). Wow!