Wednesday, October 17, 2007

And a good time was had by all

at the big party! It's time to get a post on here with a few more photos of Mom's Birthday Bash. The party was fun; it was great to see old friends and neighbors, lots of relatives, and Mom looking so great and happy. Above is the immediate family, and cousins who came from California and Nevada - we were really pleased to have them here.

My sister and I have been having parties for Mom every five years since age 75, so this is the third one. I think it might have been the most enjoyable, too, since we finally wised up and got some teenage girls to help us in the kitchen.Yes, we're not the center of attention, but it's nice not to have to be doing all the work during the actual event. The preparation and clean up are enough. I actually enjoyed preparing the house for the party and am appreciating the (hopefully not temporary) lack of clutter I achieved in a few rooms. We won't talk about the rooms to which I moved the aforementioned clutter.

Even though we don't have any good "crowd" shots, we probably had 60 people over the course of three hours, and much food, wine, coffee, and cake was enjoyed. One nice thing was that all three kids were here, and we got a nice photo of the five of us, which we'll use for our holiday cards this year.

In other news, I finished my afghans for Afghans knitting and my red scarf and sent them off. Here's Buddy modeling one pair of mittens I made. He thinks they're yummy! I also sent this vest, four baby/children's hats, and two little pairs of mittens. You can see them here. And this is my red scarf. (Linking directly to flickr sometimes is a good idea when Blogger isn't cooperating.) I was congratulating myself on being finished with charity knitting for awhile, but then I volunteered to seam an afghan for a family in Greensburg, KS. I made some squares and have been following their progress on Laura's blog. It looked like she needed help assembling these blankets, so I volunteered to do one. I'm waiting for the pieces to come in the mail and then I'll get started.

I'm also going to try some two color knitting on the hats I said I'd make and donate to the Senior Center where my mom volunteers. And that leaves a lot of time to make the scarf for my ISE secret pal, finish the Socktoberfest socks, make the Spindle sock a mate, finish the throw I've been working on for three years, and make a couple of sweaters and a bag. I guess I'd better get busy.

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CathyCate said...

Just a *few* things to do! But a TON of things completed, wow!