Saturday, March 25, 2017

Countdown to Three Months

If you go by weeks, March 29th is 12 weeks since our surgery.  We continue to feel good and do all we can to keep up our exercise and stave off the boredom of this endless, rainy winter.  Pat got a contraption that lets him ride his bike in place and, after trying it in the garage, moved it to the patio so he can keep tabs on what's happening on the lake while riding.  Much safer than actually riding on slippery and muddy roads with his new kidney!

I've been greatly enjoying the yoga class and also have been doing my own little work out a couple of times a week with my weights.  My energy is a lot better but I found out this week that if I walk 5 miles, avoiding a nap a couple of hours later is impossible.  I can think of bigger problems to have...

So I'm pretty close to turning this back into a knitting blog and hope that I will continue with more frequent posting than I did before this transplant became a reality.  In that vein, I'll show you a little of what I've been doing.

The mystery was revealed and the Hale-Bopp shawl is done.  It's really big and I'm happy with the colors I chose and the little beads I put on the edge.

I also finished some socks that I started over a year ago.  I had noticed that my dear yoga teacher has been wearing the two other pairs of socks I gave her, so I decided that this bright, sparkly pair would be hers.  I got busy and finished them a few days ago.  She is definitely knit worthy!

I got out my spinning wheel again and finally finished a braid of fiber that I had started last October before we went to the desert for a couple of months.  It came out nicely and the more I look at the subtle blend of colors, the more I like it.  JulieSpins is one of my favorite dyers and never fails to provide beautiful fiber and yarn.

In keeping busy around here, we've been able to be in the yard a little bit on the rare sunny day and Pat decided that we should have a nest box for some mallard ducks that have been hanging around.  So far no takers but we can hope...

We finished another puzzle; a tough one with an abundance of green trees but it's finally done!

We're scheduled to do a press conference at the UW on April 4th, the official 3 month date post-surgery.  We'll get to meet the other two people who made up our four-person exchange and that will be nice.  I hope to get a link to the broadcast to post here.  Keep your eyes peeled!

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