Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Losing Track of Time

A couple of days ago, Pat and I were talking about how long ago our surgery was.  I was sure that the answer was 6 weeks.  Since I'm always right 😉, I made him get out the calendar and count the weeks because he thought it was 7 this week.  After counting several times, I admitted he was right.

7 weeks!  That means the lifting restriction will be up next week for sure and I can get my weights out.  It's funny, too, that now that I know we're farther along than I thought, I feel better.  The light at the end of the tunnel of being an invalid is in view, so I can go back to feeling healthy.  😀

In honor of that, I walked to the post office and back this morning - about 4 miles.  No marathon, but about double my usual distance.  And it felt great!  I've been doing some yoga, and plan to start back to class on Friday if there's room for me.  I'm all signed up for March, too.  The residual soreness around the main incision is still there but much better and my energy level isn't back to normal, but I feel like myself again.

Pat is doing well, too.  He still has to avoid germs so can't be around lots of people and that keeps us feeling a little cooped up (not to mention the torrential rains that make it less than desirable to be outside).  Good news is that he had a stent removed that was to guard against a build up of scar tissue where the new kidney connected to the bladder and, while the procedure to get it out was less than enjoyable, the irritation from it has gone away.  He is doing well with his labs and is down to getting them done once a week and visiting his doctors every two weeks.  Things are looking up!

We had a fun outing on Valentine's Day.  We went to Flaming Geyser Park on the Green River, which is only about a twenty minute drive from here.  We had a nice little hike along the river and through the trees but didn't go too far due to the muddiness of the ground.  It was a rare nice day in the midst of lots of rain, so careful walking was called for.  We need to go back in the spring and explore further.

The water level in our lake is high - we usually have about three more feet of beach than this and the pilings are visible under the dock.  Reminder:  clicking on any photo on the blog will make it bigger if you want more detail.

I'm busy knitting, of course.  Currently one obsession is a mystery shawl called Hale Bopp.  It's by an Australian designer, Ambah O'Brien.   I've admired her patterns before but never made one.  It's been a lot of knitting through Clue 2 but I like how it's coming out.

And the last good news:  while I've been very happy that stretchy leggings are in fashion right now, since that's all I've been able to wear, I am pleased to report that I can again zip up my jeans!  Will wonders never cease?

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