Friday, January 8, 2016

Playoff Blue Friday!

We're all excited now because the Seahawks have stepped up their game and are headed back into the playoffs.  Of course, I'm not surprised since I expected it all along....  We had a great time last weekend when we drove over to Phoenix and went to the Cardinals game.  Such a fun time, especially since we were surrounded by other 12s and we won.  Go Hawks!

In other news, I finished the infinity cowl I was making for Ms. Hollywood and when I gave it to her, she put it on and wore it the rest of the day.  That's the kind of person it's fun to knit for.

I started working on Sock Yarn Blankie #2 a little more and am loving it again.  I have another one on the needles in Seattle so hopefully one day I'll have one finished for each kid.  (Don't tell Mr. Hollywood, as he wants his to be the only one.)

I've started another project for Baby B, and am continuing with the stripes on our new desert blanket.

Oh, and I've spun the singles on the Corriedale from 2008.  It spun very smoothly; hadn't compacted at all over the years, which made me very happy.

Oh, and we've been going to movies at the Palm Springs International Film Festival and I've been volunteering, too.  I started a self-striping sock standing in line for a movie.

After the second wait, I had a few more stripes.  Slow knitter!

The weather and scenery here is spectacular today.  We had some heavy rain over the last couple of days, which brought snow to the mountains.  I've never seen it down so low.  Amazing, but hard to photograph while driving!

Hope everyone is staying warm and dry.

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