Sunday, June 15, 2014

Too amusing to pass up

It's been a long time between posts; not altogether my fault.  I tried to do some updates from my iPad during a recent road trip but the darn thing wouldn't let me post any of my photos.  I had done it before but just couldn't figure it out this time, so I packed up my crayons and went home.  I'll be back with some knitting updates and road trip adventures, but I saw something the other day that made me laugh.  And I don't think you have to be a grammar queen to appreciate it.

DH and I have been settling into our new lake house in the Pacific Northwest, and a couple of days ago a house two doors away went on the market.  I walked over and picked up a flyer to see the price.  It was your average sales flyer with photos, price, and description of house.  The last item on the bulleted statements amused us to no end.

- Bald eagles souring overhead, while drinking your favorite beverage.

Can't you just picture those eagles soaring sourly with wine glasses in hand?

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