Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Yes, the title is a bit of a joke, as I am in sunny Palm Desert and their idea of a big storm is the wind blowing and the temperature dropping to a chilly 75F.  I've been here since January, my first official season as a "snowbird."  We are due to head back north to the Pacific Northwest in May.  Number One son is being married mid-May and we need to arrive ahead of the other kids to get the rooms furnished in the new house that I moved into right before leaving town.  DH and I will spend the summer getting things squared away there and landscaping done but for now we need to have appropriate sleeping places set up for the other kids who will be arriving to stay with us before the wedding.

I've been knitting and spinning here, but kind of lost my mojo for a little while.  It's been warmer than usual and my winter knitting just didn't seem to interest me.  I did reconfigure a sweater that I made last summer, the Brynna cardigan.  I didn't like the way the short sleeves flared out due to the lace pattern, so I took them apart and made the sleeves longer.  I used up most of the rest of my 4th skein of The Plucky Knitter Primo Sport, which I loved.  I will post a photo when I get one taken.

I finished some charity mittens for afghans for Afghans.  Mittens and socks are good to work on when it's warm, ya know.  I also spun some Corriedale from woolgatherings and, as it's not a real soft yarn, I'll use it for some mittens or a hat.

But back to the weather.....  It really does get windy here.

And it's exciting.  People stop in the middle of the road when something (tree bark) blows by.  Not quite like getting stuck in the snow, but these guys run into each other anyway.

Here's a video I took of the hummingbirds trying to catch up to the feeders.  When they get there, they get a ride along with their snack.

More later.  I'll show you the lap blanket I made for DH when I first got here and it was really know, 70 or so.  He said he wanted a blanket to put over his legs and as a knitter, I immediately told him that I could make one.  Let's see, buy one in twenty minutes at Target or take two months to knit one.  No decision, right?

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