Saturday, May 18, 2013

So Thrilled

Celebrating the accomplishments of children is an exhilarating experience.  When those accomplishments make the children happy and closer to attaining their passion in life, it's even better.

Our three kids were brought together as a family when the boys were eight years old and their sister was five.  Times weren't always totally smooth, but the first day of school photo each year showed their love for each other.  This is one of the first years.

Through the awkward times, the afros and the braces, they always smiled from the edge of the driveway, adding Buddy to the mix when he came along.

We ran out of first days of school when the boys left for college, but still managed to get photos from time to time.  Here they are singing a favorite song from childhood at the rehearsal dinner before the Princess' wedding.

They do all clean up nicely!

The kids are grown now and all working.  That's what I wanted to talk about.  We are so incredibly proud that all three have graduated college and are working in jobs for which they prepared, and which make them happy.

The Princess majored in hospitality and event management, specializing in wedding planning.  She recently started a job as an assistant wedding coordinator at a large hotel in Las Vegas.  Aside from the rather unattractive uniform, she loves the job.

Prince Charming joined the Army National Guard, as you saw in the last post.  He is now training in Texas as a medic, which may lead to a medical career for him if he likes it.  Otherwise, he will return home and finish his education as an Engineer, fulfilling his Guard duties as required.

Mr. Hollywood studied film and video production at a small school in Eastern Washington.  Despite his not having a direct connection to a studio or production company, he moved to Hollywood, worked as an intern for a year, and now has been at a major talent agency for over a year.  He is training as a literary agent for film, which is his passion.  He's working hard and enjoying every minute.

Mr. Businessman studied business in college and works for a management consulting firm, travelling as needed, working from home the rest of the time, and doing well.  In his spare time he indulges in his passion for sports.  He's very family oriented and just recently proposed to his girlfriend, Ms. Significant Other.  We like her very much and look forward to welcoming her formally into the mix in about a year.

You guys have not only fulfilled our hopes and dreams for you, but exceeded them.  We are incredibly proud to be your parents and love you all immensely.

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SS said...

thanks mom!! we all love you and are very proud of you as well :) great post, although "enjoying every minute" is a little hyperbole (maybe a LOT hyperbole)