Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I know I've been MIA these last two months. and I'll have a lot to catch up on at some point.  Aside from the Tour de Fleece, which I participated in and spun every day during, my attention has been taken up with the wedding of the Princess.  Yes, my little girl was married last Sunday, July 29th.  It was a spectacular event down to the smallest detail and was amazingly beautiful and fun.  My introverted personality was tested as I had a houseful of people for ten days, hosted a rehearsal dinner for 40 or so people, and then hosted the wedding.  I was lucky enough to have great help and was able to enjoy myself all the way through to the "after party" planned by one of the bridesmaids that continued after the wedding at our house into the wee hours with many young people and a big bottle of tequila.  Who says knitters don't know how to have fun?

Professional photos aren't available yet but a few of the kids have provided iPhone photos.  You can get an idea of how incredibly beautiful our Princess was (and is).  And yes, I think I'm completely objective!

The wedding took place outdoors on a covered patio at a golf course/country club. The photographer took the bridal party out onto the course for photos. I'll wait to put up more info when we get the official photos.

For now, here's yarn!  I spun a bunch during Tour de Fleece and ended up with these lovely skeins.
A bright BFL braid from Bohoknitterchic in an official TdF colorway became this skein after I spun it fractally.  Love how the colors mixed.

This was a "potion" made from two braids of fiber.  One was Polwarth/Silk and the other was Merino.  I spun each one and then plied them together to make a combination yarn.  It's a big 8 ounce skein.

This is another skein of BFL.  It wasn't totally finished during TdF.  I have a coordinating braid in a plum color that I plan to spin and then use them both for some sort of striped shawl.

This is a lovely Fiber Optic merino/silk gradient that I spun and navajo plied.  It's already well on its way to becoming socks that I plan to enter into the state fair this year.  Entries are due by Saturday, so I'm busy getting everything done that I can.

More knitting, spinning, and wedding details at a later date.  Hope your summer is going well!

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A :-) said...

Congratulations!!! For everything!! Your daughter looks gorgeous, and your yarn looks store-bought :-)