Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DPNs Again

What is the world coming to?  I've actually used dpns for another project.

Baby items just seem to be more manageable on short double points than on circulars for me, so hence the break in tradition.  Besides, it's good to be flexible, I think.

I learned of a new baby the other day, and since we'll be meeting with his dad on Tuesday, I decided to whip up a hat and pair of socks.  I had some leftover Hazelknits Aritisan Sock in the Hometown Football colorway (Seattle Seahawks) and I thought this would be a good use for it.  It's fun to be able to do a quick project now and then and hopefully the set will be a welcome addition to the little one's wardrobe.

I'll let a teddy bear try on the items when they're done, so you can see the result.

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