Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Here's to the first day of 2011.  So far, so good.  We had a lovely New Year's Eve at the home of some old friends, excellent food and company and a clear, dry, cold night in which to drive home.  All good.

My first cast on object for this year is a pair of socks.  I joined a group on Ravelry where we will knit a pair of socks each month from our existing stash.  Not a problem for me and I probably do it anyway, but it's fun to be in a group!  I started a pair of plain stockinette socks, cuff down, 1x1 rib at the top out of Wollmeise 100% superwash wool in the Saami colorway.   This was a club colorway during the one year of the Wollmeise club and I wasn't sure I liked it right away.  However, seeing some socks knit in it (Goatlady's!) made me change my mind and I can't wait to get mine finished.

I have a few things to finish up, of course.  This week I need to finish and mail the vest I'm making for afghans for Afghans so it gets there in time for the current campaign.

All for now.  Have a son and two of his friends coming for dinner, so must get cooking.  I wish a year of health, happiness, prosperity, creativity, and of course much knitting for all of you.

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