Saturday, August 28, 2010

Got Scones?

I do!

And also some ribbons......

Today was the day I was at the Evergreen State Fair all day demonstrating knitting and spinning.  It was loads of fun, even if my bottom is a bit sore ( you were right about the cushion, DH!) from sitting on bare folding chairs all day.  But, the most exciting news follows.

You might remember that last year I entered two knitted items into the fair for the first time.  I got a blue ribbon for my socks and a white ribbon for my sweater, and tons of good information from the judging sheets.  This year I entered six items; three into spinning and three into knitting.  These were the items:

Farmer's Market Cardigan:

Norwegian Rose socks:

Handspun color-progression socks:

Handspun Ishbel:

A skein of handspun, Juliespins BFL/Silk "Stained Glass":

Heart-to-Heart Beaded Scarf:

Here are the results:

Farmer's Market:  Blue ribbon and Merit award

Norwegian Rose:  Blue ribbon

Handspun socks:  Blue ribbon

Handspun Ishbel:  Blue ribbon

Skein of handspun:  Blue ribbon and honorable mention award

Heart-to-heart scarf:  Blue ribbon, merit award, and presentation award

I am totally excited.


A :-) said...

Laurie!!! Congratulations that is just wonderful. All your stuff is so beautiful - so glad the judges saw it that way, too :-)

Kristi said...

Congratulations Laurie!! All of your entries are beautiful...I especially like your sweater. It looks great on you.


Joni Isaac said...

Laurie- I'm Corry's wife and Pat had passed on the link to your blog. Your knitting is beautiful and some of it is so intricate. My favorites are the blue/purple sox and the black shawl. It must take so long to complete these- you must have lots of patience. I'm glad you got the recognition I've just started to quilt and enjoy the process of it as I'm sure you do, too. Keep it up- your creations are lovely!
God bless,
Joni Isaac

Cathy-Cate said...

You *should* be totally excited! That is so cool! (And well deserved, they look gorgeous.)