Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Details about the Spinning

I'd like to keep a record of how my spinning progresses, so I'm going to put in a little more info about the knitting I've done with my handspun.  I documented the first project, the One Row Handspun Scarf, and now I'll show photos of fiber to finished product for the other two items I've made.

The second finished object I accomplished was the socks.  These were made from the Interlacements wool roving I got in the gift box of practice fiber from Goatlady.  I spun half of it into thick/thin yarn (that's so soft!) but haven't used it for anything but a swatch yet.  I think it might turn into some fingerless mitts.

Anyway, I spun the balance of it to continue practicing, and managed to achieve a sportweight two-ply yarn.  As I mentioned yesterday, the colors were not maintained in any kind of order; I just grabbed handfuls of fiber and thinned them down so I could spin easier.  The resulting yarn was quite mixed up, but very colorful!

I knit a basic, toe-up sock so I could more easily use up all the yarn, but I had plenty.  There's more than enough left to make a square or two for my sock yarn blankie!  Here are the socks again:

The project I just finished was spun some time ago.  I got a braid of Targhee roving soon after I took my first spindle class in October of 2008.  This sat until after I got my Ashford wheel and worked up my courage to try to spin nice roving.  (By the way, I recommend using the "nice" roving.  It's more fun and you'll pretty much always get something you can use.)  So after my successful initial effort with the Interlacements wool, I got going on the Targhee.  It still came out quite thick and thin and pretty bulky, but it wasn't bad.  Here's how it looked during the spinning:

Here's the finished yarn:

And here's the finished product (again).  You'll notice the difference in striping between the two as again, it was just grab a hunk, divide, and spin.

My task in spinning this year will be to try to work with the colors so I can get them where I want them; i.e., progression, striping, etc.  I think I'll take a Spinning for Socks class at my local LYS which promises to help with that.


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