Friday, January 23, 2009

Look What I Made!

This is the merino/silk that I was practicing my spinning on and I decided to finish it up. It's very soft! It's not the easiest yarn to work with; it's fuzzy and tends to tangle during winding, but I love the color. I came out with about 2-1/2 oz which spun up into approximately 185 yards. The WPI are around 10-12. My dear Goatlady sent me this beautiful fiber and she just had surgery, so I'm sending good thoughts her way as I entertain myself with this (now) yarn. I used my little stone whorl drop spindle that I got from Zebisis designs on Etsy.

It's a beautiful mix of colors that don't show up perfectly in the photo. I can't wait to make something out of this.

Tomorrow is the train trip from Seattle to Portland for the yarn crawl. Have to get up really early to get to the train by 7:00 (am!)

Enjoy your weekend.


Cathy-Cate said...

That is absolutely gorgeous! And just our colors!

Looks like it has a lovely luster in person. See how far your spinning has come? Woo-hoo!

And, just in time, some nice knitting time on the train, one hopes, unless you're too busy talking.... have fun on the yarn crawl!

A :-) said...

Look at you go! Merino/silk can be challenging to spin - the colors are lovely - have fun knitting it up!!