Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday's Garden

Today was warm and humid (slightly unusual for our neck of the woods) and there's not too much of interest in the garden today. In fact, some of it's looking a little wilted.

These chrysanthemums are looking mightly nice.

The driveway doesn't look as pretty as it does in the spring. A few of those plants need some water......

This yellow zucchini plant is going to town. Trying to catch the squashes before they get too big is a constant battle.

In other news, I finished my fourth pair of socks for Summer of Socks 08. I missed the deadline for the two-week period by a few hours, but I'm still happy. I've made four pairs since June 21st, and that's fast for me. Also, I'm not just knitting socks......

Here they are:

Yarn: SKNITches Limited Sock in the Cottage colorway
Needles: Size 0, two 24" circulars

I got this yarn when I was in the Simply Socks Yarn Co. sock club. When I was looking for a color that made me think "summer", I chose it. The four different colors look to me like flavors of ice cream; strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and mint. I had a good time working with this yarn, and like very much how it knit up. I didn't, however, like the pattern as much as most people who've used it. I managed to mess up the rows from time to time, but that was probably just me and my chart reading. It did go fast when I kept on track.

Back to Olympics on TV and Ravelympic knitting. See you.

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