Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Know, I've Been On Vacation

I'm going to quickly catch up on my Sunday's Garden posts, even though the pictures are not from the garden you've been seeing. This garden is outside a condo in Palm Desert, CA, and the look of it in July is much different than the look of my Seattle garden.

I thought there was a trend to go to more natural plantings, but there are still the beds of annuals. They're pretty, but need a lot of water.
These are grapefruit, growing between our door and the pool. We're never there at the right time of year to eat them.
And I couldn't resist a couple of sunset-over-the-mountain photos.

The next Sunday, when we should've been home but weren't, was quite different. We were awakened early by a spectacular thunderstorm. If you've ever been in the desert during a rainstorm, you'll know that they're noisy and intense. It was like stepping into a steam room when we went outside; the temperature was still around 100 degrees F.

The beautiful mountain from the day before was hidden by clouds.
You can see the rain pouring off the roof here (no gutters.)
When we drove to the airport later, we found that part of the main road was closed, no doubt due to a washout. That water moves fast down there!

Back later to show off some finished objects.

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