Monday, February 4, 2008

Charity, A Raffle, and another Finished Object

It is very heartwarming to belong to such a generous group as the Knitters. As I cruise blogland, I find more and more opportunities to be of help to others. I intersperse knitting for self and family with charity knitting and feel good about providing some warmth to someone in need as I learn new skills.

I'd like to mention my Dishrag Tag teammate and blog buddy, Sarah-Hope, who is holding a raffle and giving away some great prizes to raise money for animal causes, something near and dear to her heart. Check out her blog and make a donation, if you can. Just a chance to look at her lovely Swallowtail Shawl makes the trip worthwhile!

I've also recently heard about The Make it Right project and specifically The House that Yarn Built. If you can give up a skein of yarn or two, consider donating the money here
and help build a house for Katrina victims. There's also a drawing going on for some cool yarny prizes.

I finished my second pair of Fingerless Mitts for niece #2's birthday and popped them into the mail today. I'm feeling so productive! Next on the list to finish is my Moderne Baby Blanket for afghans for Afghans, which is due at the end of this month. It's progressing nicely, but needs to move to the head of the queue.

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