Saturday, August 11, 2007

Monkeying Around

I feel like Roseann Roseannadanna...."What's all this I hear about monkeys and why would you want to wear them on your feet? Oh, they're socks? Never mind."

I've been seeing pictures of Monkeys , even looked at the pattern several times, but for some reason decided they were too hard. OK, so when I read about them the millionth time, and how much fun they were to make (the word addictive came up more than once), I decided I had to try them. This was difficult, since I'm having a good time with my Six Sox and Favorite Socks Knitalongs, and really wanted to continue with another pattern there. I finished my Yarn Pirate socks which were good plane knitting since I didn't need a pattern and was ready for another pair or two of socks. The colorway is Mermaid; here they are ready to go sailing in the pool, since they match the floaty so well.I looked at the Monkey pattern again and decided to try it. This decision involved an hour-long sort through my sock yarn stash, much to husband's amusement (annoyance?). Anyway, I decided to go with Zen String Harmony in the Opal colorway. It's merino/tencel and felt so soft and shiny, I couldn't resist it. The colors here don't really do it justice. Where it looks blue it's really a beautiful periwinkle color and much more vibrant.

Dahlias are blooming! I'm going to finally record what colors I have, since I seem to keep buying the same ones. I guess at least my taste is consistent! I don't dig them up every year; I move them around; sometimes they die....I've lost track of exactly what I have. I do love them, though. Like with lilacs, all you have to do is cut them and stick them into a vase and they look good. A plus for people who are not so talented at flower arranging! You can see Buddy in the corner of this photo. This was just before he jumped up on the table to see where I'd gone and knocked the vase over.

MS3 progress: I'm slogging along, quite a bit slower than I'd hoped, but no major problems (knock wood). I'm just halfway through clue 4, and clue 6 came out yesterday, but oh well. Next week will be the final, and I'm sure I'm not the farthest behind. It's turning out to be quite pretty.

Dishrag tag is going well. Our team of knitters is super-speedy, but the postal service doesn't always come through as we'd like. The prizes are pictured on Emily's blog, and they look great. I think one of our team (Sarah-Hope) is in the running for fastest turnaround time. She only had the box a couple of hours before it was back in the mail. Hi Team! Go Cotton Commandoes!

Finally a nice day to Green Lake with Buddy for another walk and glimpse of the tortugas on their logs in the water.

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Susan said...

I figured as you've safely received & sent I can ask this question - currently when I log into Dishrag tag all I see is a blurb that says something like "Cathy has the box" - I'm hoping that once it's sent to me that my screen will change and the magical buttons (the "I got the box" and "tag someone else" buttons, that is) will finally pop up?????