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The Great Adventure 2017 Part Twelve - Last Stop, London!

We arrived in London by train from Oxford on Thursday morning, Oct. 12.  After deciding that we didn't want to figure out the Tube while dealing with our luggage, we took a taxi to our hotel.  We did buy our travel cards at the station so we were all set for tackling the underground later that night.  This was our smallest room yet but worked for what we used it for. Our hotel was in the Kensington neighborhood and chosen to be convenient to the things we wanted to do in London.  We unpacked and headed out for a walk in Kensington Gardens.  It's beautiful and huge.  We noticed the Albert Memorial and walked by Kensington Palace and the statue of Queen Victoria.  If we hadn't had our fill of palaces already, we would be in the right place to see more. We kept walking and ended up at the Victoria and Albert Museum, which neither of us had seen before.  It's an immense art museum with endless collections.  A couple of things I liked were the room of tapestries
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The Great Adventure 2017 Part Eleven

Okay, we are heading into our last week and I should finish the narrative in no time!  We left off as we were riding the train to Oxford, which was where we picked up our next car.  Our B&B was in Stow-on-the-Wold, which should have been a fairly quick and easy drive.  Unfortunately, our GPS again conspired against us and by the time we figured out we were indeed going in the wrong direction, we had made our drive into a considerably longer one than it needed to be.  I hesitate to say that we wasted time, since seeing any place in England was interesting, but we did have to do some backtracking to get where we needed to be. We spent two nights in a very quaint building that was built in 1640.  The narrow circular staircase and slant to the floors bore out this fact. Imagine carrying two suitcases up these stairs! We had heard good things about the Cotswolds and were looking forward to seeing some part of the area.  Our first impression was that they are indeed popular with